Whitemoney goes on his knees to thank God after flying outside Nigeria for the first time in his life (video)

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When you thank God for the little He gives you, He will give you much more. I was able to afford a good phone just earlier this year, a Samsung x series, and I was very greatful to God. Because most of the phones I have used before was gifted to me by people. When I told one of my friends what God did for me and how grateful I am, he was just looking at me like, what is the big deal. But it is a big deal for me. Now, God has a again given me a house of my own. Although it is rented, but at least I have a place I call my own. I have been living with friends since I came to Abuja. When you appreciate God, He gives you much more. I am greatful for how God is changing my life and happy for whitemoney. The next thing I am praying to God for now is a good woman to be my wife. And I know God will do it.


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