What Makes Sex the Best – Mhiz Skyla

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Two purebred beagle dog are making love and sex

What Makes Sex the Best – Mhiz Skyla

If we given a chance to choose  poor sex, good sex and best sex, which will you choose?? I bet 99% will go for the best.
The question now is what qualities makes a sex the best?

Below are 6 qualities that makes a best sex.
1. The best sex is when there is love between the two parties
Loving someone and making love are not same, making love refers to the act of sex which can be performed without real love.Most young people rush into  sex hoping to find real love, but it doesn’t lead to real love. In fact,it  can destroy your chances of finding real love.

2. The best sex is with someone whom you respect
it is possible to enjoy having sex with someone you do not respect or care a thing about, but that is certainly not the best sex.

3. The best sex is when you have complete freedom
You cannot enjoy sex to the fullest when you are fearful of getting some disease or fearful of the girl getting pregnant. The best sex is when there is no fear, no shame, and no self-consciousness

4. The best sex is when there is permanent commitment between the partners
Most men these days prefer the living together arrangements,ladies in such end up been used and their hope of getting married disappointed.

5. The best sex takes time to get better
Sex is a very sensitive art which takes time to learn, the best sex is when each wants to please the other and such takes practice with not just anyone but with your marriage partner.

6. The best sex takes place where there is security
Pregnancy in the life of an unwed girl gets her devastated,she ends up facing many tremendous problems and her life never been the same but a married woman feels very delighted and cannot wait to break the news to her husband.

Mhiz Skyla (Script Writer)
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What Makes Sex the Best – Mhiz Skyla

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