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Job Sehero – MD eflex9ja

Nigeria has failed especially in aspects of  education. It grieves me when I heard  “There are no funds”. These were the lies they kept chanting. 
Albert Eistein said: “If you think education is expensive try ignorance”. Nigeria is a country blessed with natural resources and smart looters, criminals and embezzlers.
Awolowo when asked ‘if you are given the mandate to serve as a president, what will you offer? He said:
First Education
Second Education
Third Education
An that’s why he introduced free education to Western Nigerians, this is someone who has fathomed the substantiality of education.
Tears has invaded my darling face because education is given least attention in Nigeria as a country. Let’s forget about the million graduates we produce without qualitative education, it will be better to produce 10 thousand graduates with qualitative education than the bunch of illiterates we produce every year.
For how long should we continue wallowing in ASUU Strike? Is it because their children are studying abroad and other private Universities?  
Oh! My country is filled with delusional thorns, tyrannical demons, Unscrupulous politicians who have embezzled, extinguished and defalcated our funds for their devilish desire for hierarchy.
It is a heartbreaking tale of how men in high places constantly kill the priceless goose laying the golden eggs. Someone should go  and notify Lucifer that his stone-hearted progeny has invaded our beautiful paradise(Nigeria)filled with stupendous opportunities and riches.
Finally as quoted by Kofi Annan
“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”.
All right reserved 
Job Sehero Holysinger
17 November, 2018

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