Top 6 Shocking Celebrity’s Confessions in Taraba State (No. 4 Is The Loudest)

Top 6 Shocking Celebrity’s Confessions in Taraba State (No. 4 Is The Loudest)
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Top 6 Shocking Celebrity's Confessions in Taraba State (No. 4 Is The Loudest)

On today’s episode of My Celebrity and I, Eflexnaija Media tends to bring you an exciting and interesting opinions,

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from top artistes who are up and doing in the entertainment business ranging from Rappers, MCs, DJs, Singers both Secular and gospel, entrepreneur/supporters of the industry to share their personal secrets/believes and views about their selves, the industry and how best those loopholes can be overcome with adequate advise to the body in general. Lets get started….


I am not afraid of anybody in the industry, i am just a supportive partner to the industry, and honestly i hardly get involve in the industries personal affairs. This is because, I am just a photographer / videographer and virtual artist, that’s doing his best to succeed in life. Maybe being the only child gives me reason to push it hard because, Success comes when u go out to hustle, I am not like a normal mummy’s boy, people think i am. I am actually certified and has vast knowledge on Photography, videography and graphic design, and a little entrepreneur that i fall into recently.
I create content that drags attention, even though I’m having little anonymous challenges, but it will be fixed soon, and I am coming back fully in that aspect.
The only piece of advise I have for the entertainers is they should ensure by putting in their best interest for the growth of the industry, and we are here, ever ready to support and help as we always do.
Sentiments shouldn’t surface where both religion participates, and when we give equal support in ways we can, we will surely grow within just Taraba state entertainment industry but a body of multiple arts and social entertainment industry that the country will want to invest in. Just doing the little we can to ensure entertainment stand strong in Taraba State.

1. #Anas Kabiru Miji (A-fotography)


Triple M Dgreat
Triple M Dgreat

Well, let me start with my life, A lot of people see me as a gospel minister, others see me as an ordinary person probably because of how I was living my life with women before I got arrested. I’m fully in to gospel.
About the entertainment industry, the truth is that; a lots are happening but it’s not for everyone out there to know because, when they see a lot of negative things about the industry, trust me they won’t pay the entertainers attention but rather take the industry as a joke.
In Taraba, I got to understand that there’s a lot of competition even among the entertainers. Some raising shoulders and wanting to be called boss for what they are not even worthy of. Approximately, 90% of entertainers in Taraba are still growing and need a more bigger platform but pride is really taking almost everyone down. This is all I can say for now on this aspect.
Well personally, I am the type who don’t look down on anyone even if I have something he or she wants, I try to carry at least everyone along this is because, you make me what I am, without you there won’t be me!
But most people, after dropping one track that has not even get to their village (Laughing), they will start raising shoulders and tagging themselves big boys and celebrities.
Sometimes, I act out there like I’m not even the Triple M people have heard of. It’s all about Humility for me, you know I do gospel that’s why all my words are heading towards same direction

2. #Triple M Dgreat

DJ Wasco Noni Baddest
DJ Wasco Noni Baddest

I joined the industry around 2013/2014. You know as an upcoming artiste, everyone will definitely look down on you despite your innermost potentials.
I joined the industry as a potential Disc Joker (DJ).
So you have to keep pushing hard and praying, because back then people are scared of giving me work just because I am an upcoming DJ and are scared of wack show.
In the year 2017, was actually the year I start getting sound anchoring.
From there I started pushing it hard by featuring lots of prominent Artistes today such as; Tee-Ice in a single title “Nothing Dey”, I moved on to feature Samsyl and MC Network in another hit titled “Come Over”. I also featured Faith Jay, Yerimz and Tee-Ice on a world class collaboration title  “Bombay”. Yerimz repeatedly got featured in a single titled “One Two”.
A lot of people hardly believe I’m DJ Wasco they’ve been hearing about.
I am planning to venture into beat production as well to help Burst my capabilities and make me magnificent as soon as possible as no talent is a waste.
As of 2017 the highest budget I got was 20-25k per show.
Thank God now there is a lot  improvement. For instance; depending on the type of work and  hall related issues, I relax my budget for 50-70k depending also on the relationship I have with my client.
You know everything about the entertainment industry is focused on update, five years from now I should be mentioned among top Nigerian  Disc Jokers by God’s grace.
I am not after cheap  popularity, apart from DJ stuffs, I am a part-time blogger and I also  specialize in system softwares and hardware maintenance.

3. #Faith Peter Wasco (Wasco Noni Baddest)

MC Yimuzy
MC Yimuzy

Let me get talking. One of the things Record labels checks before signing you in is your acceptability and audience at home, people who listen to your song, people who download your song. Judging us here in Taraba State, we are far back in social activities, let’s be frank, you are a blogger, i am an online personality we know it really bad. Taraba can really pull a crowd that is more than 1 million people and even above 5 million people. We are blessed with ladies that can actually relate to their boyfriends from other states to login and check, but they don’t really do that. No one cares how its really done.
So a record label can’t sign you when you don’t have recognition at home. This is because if your people don’t appreciate you, what makes them believe those outside will definitely appreciate you? The ladies need to step up, this is because they really have a virtual part to play in promoting entertainment outside the state, for instance twerking, snap-chatting and lots more with contents from the home base. Only 30% out of 100% of both girls and boys have our songs and are fans to us, 70% don’t really use us nor listen to us. Many people prefer bringing people from outside. See, i have ever been paid 100k from here to Gombe State just to own a show, also in Jos i was offered a club with salary of 48k and accommodation to stay and entertain, but these are Taraba boys that are neglected here. DJ Wasco, the present OC concerning Abacha Barrack in Abuja is a big fan of DJ Wasco. He listens to DJ Wasco’s beat back to back, he has never seen DJ Wasco, i got an opportunity to meet him because his my brother’s friend, we meet and he was telling me.
Our audience here, what they think about supporting an artiste is just downloading his or her song and shouting up and down online. Many Artiste are dead because our audience are not pushing. Samsyl is gradually going down because, nobody nor his fans who claims to be one are not pushing it. So first, our audience need to know we can’t move without them. I went for Big Brother Naija and one of the criteria they check is my followers on instagram and people who relate to my post and lots of things, we understood that my people might not be able to vote for me. They demanded a certain amount of money to boost my followers on social platform because they want business, and when i could not put in that money i had to come back home, not because i was not good, did not qualify, ask everybody, i passed through auditioning flawlessly but my people to support me was not there. Talk about Taraba boys are not putting into work, even if its M.I Abaga, is a proud Taraba boy, one of the people respected but cant withstand vibes from this same Taraba boys. Classiq cannot in the present of Martino Elcasino when it comes to dropping Hausa Rythmes and others like Kaita.
When you talk about singing, have you heard of YKid, he sings like Wizkid, we have people for instance Peace, and some couple of producers, but we do not promote, check how many followers Jehu has on his page and how many followers does Deeyasso has on his page and Instagram? There is no Taraba entertainer with 10k followers not to talk of 1 Million on Instagram or twitter. These are some of the things we need to address, let them know and stop putting pressure on us and start making us feel we are the cause of our stagnation.
Some of this thing we cant say it, so that they dont get angry, but you as bloggers need to talk about all this things. You blog our songs how many downloads you get when you blog our songs? Data is not the issue here, please let them know that we cant go any where except they support us. M.I Abaga and Jessy Jag went to Lagos and got signed into chocolate city, first thing they were asked was, do they know them? They said yes they know them, immediately the call FM Radio and asked and their identity was confirmed. Erigga could not get acceptance in Sun-city because his sound was wack, Erigga created a brand of himself in Niger-Delta, people were supporting him back to back, right now same sun-city who rejected him are shooting videos for him and Oga Network, just because they want to promote him and you know why? Because his people stood and supported him. Sometimes we are just silence not because we dont have anything to say but, some people will think we are spoting them. But please lets be realistic.

4. #MC Yimuzy

Ramie D
Ramie D

First, I will love to talk about myself personally. Its been God since my day one in the entertainment industry. One single secret I know and proud to say is.
“I’m blessed With the Gift of men, I’m favoured, in such a way that anybody that comes my way become blessing to me”. I always put God first in everything I do. And I always try to play safe with my dealings with anyone that comes my way. I try my best to be loyal,punctual and open at every point and opportunity given to me.
The industry before now during the years when we were govern by Shakatawa has experience love,togetherness and support from each other.
I feel growth and lack of exposure had spoil the fun in the industry. Now the hate, envy, jealousy, gossip, secret competition with people who ain’t even aware to mention but few.
The only secret way I have learnt to promote my thoughts is speaking to the right people, sharing my views and ideas to people that matter most to me.
The only way I feel this industry will grow is wen entertainers begin to reason and think outside Taraba.
Entertainers should visit other stated, like Abuja, Lagos, Makurdi etc. to experience what entertainment is all about. Till then, I see us far away from achieving purpose or reasons why we do entertainment.

5. #Ramie D

Rap Don
Rap Don

I will like to start by thanking you for this opportunity, but first am a kind of person who believe in doing than talking. Most atimes my silence simply means am busy doing the right thing on a low key. I come to realize that sharing useful ideas or discussing way forward with a fellow artists or an entertainer in Taraba most especially Jalingo to be precise, this is because, 80% of these set of people have this myopic ways of thinking when it comes to entertainment. It’s either they discourage you or they sabotage your efforts🤷🏻‍♂one way or the other. Indeed, a number of entertainers listen to me, but you know as the says; “you can take a horse to the river but you can’t force him to drink the water”. Respect is reciprocal and a number of entertainers can attest to that. No matter how small you are, and where you are from, I will always reciprocate that love you shown to me. Most atimes putting a call across to them checking on how they do, motivate them with words even if you don’t have something to give them. Also, make them see reason why the entertainment is important in our society and how it affects people’s lives positively✅. They should love themselves, and stop the hatred, encourage each other, help to push each other to the top. This is because, if one happen to be there at the top automatically the rest will be proud that he is one of us🤷🏻‍♂….✍🏼 and the glory will surely come back to us👈.

6. #Rap Don

PLEASE NOTE: This content was not created/Developed to criticize the Taraba State Entertainment Industry, Artistes or the general public. Also names of prominent artiste used for comparison doesn’t mean disrespecting them, but a way to tell anyone/everyone involved to continue to support the industry until it break’s through. As it is said, “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall!”

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