“The Philosophy of A Woman’s Strength” – Eve Solomon

"The Philosophy of A Woman's Strength" - Eve Solomon
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"The Philosophy of A Woman's Strength" - Eve Solomon

“The Philosophy of A Woman’s Strength” – Eve Solomon

As a young Nigerian girl, I wanted to be this beautiful, gorgeous, en-trilling, breath taking, to mention but a few, not made of makeup beauty but rather a natural being, this is because I felt it’s all I needed as a girl to be real. Unknown to me it’s far more than that, but at the very end I found an escape root.

As a woman beauty is not enough what it entails is that; one needs God, courage, wisdom, hard work, diligent, honesty, confidence, charisma, uniqueness, straight forwardness, brains, skills creativity, maybe a little of self-esteem, to be able to look beautiful in my own eye.

A lot of People these days depend on the outside look and wealth which is the main reason why we have failed marriages every were, they live me with pride and ego leading me to start thinking of how to adore myself and not concentrating on my inner self, it still makes me adore myself with all accessories that will make me glow yet not growing.

Beneficiary, the real plan was;

  1. God,
  2. Goals,
  3. Grow,
  4. Glow,

This ends up with an acronym (4GS). Every woman need to work hard to keep both physical and inner self beautiful which brings her to the second plan which is;

  1. Big,
  2. Bold,
  3. Beauty,
  4. Brains,

This also with an acronym (4Bs).

This will make every woman develop and activate her innermost beauty and pray to become self reliance. And if these measures are carefully followed, it will make the womanhood proud of herself because she is becoming a strong independent woman, work in progress (W. I. P).

Points to note is that; I am a queen with an invisible crown. I am going to make you feel it, see it, love it, cherish it,and wish for it.
This is “The Philosophy of A Woman’s Strength”
"The Philosophy of A Woman's Strength" - Eve Solomon

Credit: Eve Solomon (Team GREATNESS)

“The Philosophy of A Woman’s Strength” – Eve Solomon

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