“That we hear so many negative news doesn’t mean there are no true happy marriages ” Betty Irabor shares marriage nuggets to mark her 37th wedding anniversary

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Betty Irabor took to Instagram to assure people that there are still happy marriages, while pointing out the factors needed to build a happy marriage.


The Genevieve Magazine founder shared a throwback photo from her wedding vow renewal to Instagram and said she marked her 37th wedding anniversary a week ago.


She added in the caption: “Good marriages don’t just happen!!


“Listen! The fact that we hear so many negative news about married couples getting divorced every day doesn’t mean there are no true happy marriages out there either. ‘Forever after’ just requires a lot of commitment, more open communication, empathy as well as Trust.


“You can’t love someone you do not trust! And you do not bail on someone you love at the first sign of ‘inconvenience’…There will always be DEM days….But you will be alright as long as you focus on the best of both of you and not the worst … And remember, the grass is not always greener on the other side.”


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