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[Protest] “Taraba State Entertainment Industry Is Sick Indeed” – Taraba Mafia

[Protest] "Taraba State Entertainment Industry Is Sick Indeed" - Taraba Mafia
[Protest] “Taraba State Entertainment Industry Is Sick Indeed” – Taraba Mafia


Jalingo – In a review chat with one of the prominent and legends of music basing in Taraba State,  popularly known as the Taraba State Mafia was a conversation that lasted for several hours.  He pulled off the skin of deadline grief, pain and sorrow abunch in his heart.

This was his lines;

For about two good solid years now, we have not seen any changes in Taraba state Entertainment Industry, since the coming of the President elect into power as the president of Taraba state entertainment industry, it’s being a woman ruling not a man.  As a man that is financially oriented and a person who can struggle for the progress and development of the Industry, it’s expected of you not to be a pathway cleaner for just some set of people in the industry, this is because, a man who is full of anger can’t rule us, cleaning of road is not part of the agenda that the new Excos promised the industry, I believe we have money on ground after election. More than one thousand persons were endorsed as members on a ground of form purchase being the criteria, where is the money realized from such a huge moment of financial aid?
Biologically, our ears 👂 are widely opened and softly awaits explanation, on this huge financial mismanagement and the context of this details should be ensured that it’s clean, clear and understandable by not just me but all that are involved.
Few questions the president and his cabinet are to ponder over are;  

  1. Where is the money generated from the past election?
  1. How many campaign promises, has your administration accomplisehed for the entire Taraba State Entertainment Industry?

For all I know is that; 

  • All the promises failed!  
  • All promise were fake and indeed the industry can’t show forth any thing achieved during your long stay!!
  • All construction and regulations as a Council failed!!! 

What a world,  what an industry,  what a government ruled by a woman not a man… We’ve been sober all this years,  thinking you will arise and take the mantle of leadership and commence work on the mandate of your position but,  it’s rather being darker than black on your way watch.
Reconstructing the industry with justice and development to carry everybody along the pipeline in your capacity as the President of Taraba State Entertainment Industry.
Finally, we need a President that is capable of carrying everyone I mean, all artistes, comedians , MCs, Dancers, and other part of the Entertainment Body not mentioned due to time, to the promised land as mandated.

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