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A great turn up

On saturday, 22/9/2018, the honorable member representing Donga,Takum,Ussa and Yangtu at the federal house of representative, honorable Rima Shawulu Kwewum visited the party delegates, recieved  100% support from them in the forth coming primaries.

Kwewum, who has a good understanding with his party delegates explained in clear terms his loudable achievements as a legislator in just 3years even as a first timer and a learner, now that he has learnt he stated what he hopes to achieve in his second term as an expert in legislation.

Interestingly, he spoke on some shortcomings of leaders which is inevitable among mortals as the old Hausa adage says; “mutum tara ne, bai cika goma ba”. He may not have met every individual’s desire, he is human who makes mistakes, only God is perfect. And he pleaded for understanding, the people understood, giving reference to what he has achieved within a short time.

He further explain how unity and collective work brought them together to Rescue the state from the turbulent moments it went through before  2015, especially the southern Taraba district.

He narrated that, after several attempts and demands to have a governor from the southern zone which proved abortive in recent years mentioning the likes of Shiaki, Usman Bibinu and Obadiah Ando who contested but couldn’t make it. But through unity, understanding and collective work, governor DDI is from southern Taraba. He also said kudos to the people of Taraba south for believing in the 2015 victory team, actualizing the power-shift to south project and as well thank Tarabans for keying into the policy.

RSK, who a large crowd rallied to welcome him with a resounding chorus in Mararaba-Donga LGA through Takum, Yangtu and Ussa saying, “Rima Son-Biyu” which is, “Rima Two-Terms”.

It was amazing to see the good number of people from Mararaba that welcomed him where he met with delegates from 4 political wards(Mararaba,Gayama,Nyita and Gindin-Dutse ward), After meeting with 6 delegates from other 6 wards in Donga town.

The chorus “Rima son-biyu” was raised higher at the gate of Takum where another crowd awaited to welcome him. Seriously, I can not explain what my eyes saw, It was indeed a great show of love and satisfaction on Rima’s leadership.

After he visited the palace for fatherly blessing from traditional fathers, the people that assembled in PDP secretatriat Takum were also confident to say that Rima is loved by his people.

Moving to Kwambai-Yangtu SDA, People indeed rallied with him on this mission.
While in Ussa, the country home of the legislator, it was again proven that he is indeed from Ussa.

From the Kuru-Kpanti palace in Takum to Kwe-Yangtu in Kwambai and to kwe-Ussa palace, the Chiefs welcomed him and gave him their blessings, after their sincere advise.

Now, some people who are acqauinted with what happened yesterday might be asking if the general campaign has started already,  seeing this crowd! The answer is NO.

This is just a visit to meet with PDP wards delegates, the 3 adhoc delegates and the central executives of party division and delegates. Elected councillors and stakeholders of the party who are delegates all inclusive. This shows how supportive the People are of Rima Shawulu who has performed greatly as a legislator in the past 3years.

In a nutshell, the purpose of this tour was greatly achieved as the concerned delegates across the federal constituency, assured him of their support, giving reason for the wining formula that brought victory to the Southern zone and as a result the state Governor is from Takum, a Senator from Donga and Reps from Ussa. This is a win-win arrangement and maintaining status quo shall be the utmost priority in 2019.

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