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[Politics] THE CERTAINTY OF GOV DDI SECOND TERM. By:Ordinary Useni Garba

Ordinary Useni Garba

Since the commencement of the fourth republic in 1999, Taraba state has been govern by the PDP.  To say that Taraba state is a core PDP state, is an under statement and to say also it will continues to be PDP state is no longer news.
According to investigation Gov DDI’s road to Taraba Government House in 2019 is an express One.
First and foremost this is the first time in the history of Taraba state that a seating Governor does not have a challenger in the primaries elections at the Party level. This shows that Taraban are happy with his leadership style. Besides the governor has performed credibly well. His Rescue mission has yielded several results as Taraban both rich and poor has benefited from his achievements.
DDI performance is speaking for him. Besides his zones Southern Taraba only serve One Tenure,second tenure is his Right. It’ll be an injustice to the southern Taraba to say that their candidate should only serve One Tenure. Forget about any sentiments and support DDI to complete his eight years as it is becoming the culture in Nigeria democracy.
It is Crystally clear that PDP will win Taraba state  in 2019. There’s no party that can challenge PDP.
The recent APC primaries in Taraba state fails fairness Test. As a result must of their stalwarts in the state are leaving the party due to lack of internal democracy. These are indication that no party has put it house in order such as PDP.
Further more the candidates in other political parties cannot be compared with DDI in terms of Integrity, Accountability, Truthfulness and Fairness. Most of the candidates are having corrupt cases against them.
No Political party will be able to remove Taraba from PDP. Therefore let’s support the working Governor Architect Darius Dickson Ishaku and PDP to make another history in Taraba state.

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