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Open Letter to Taraba State governor (Chrispodiah Emmanuel)


Your Excellency,
I am earnestly sorry for trying to get across to you through such an informal medium. Please sir,accept my apologies, it’s the modest medium I could think of to get your ever busy attentiIon from the demanding affairs of the state.

Your Excellency, I literally doubt the timing of my letter ,especially now that the state is busy with the jubilation of your ‘swearing in’ to office for your well deserved second tenure.
Sir,I will like to congratulate you on your equitable victory at the poll during the previous elections and remind you,that ,by virtue of being a sitting Governor, you are still the most privilege Taraban alive that can fix our dear state Taraba.

Your Excellency, coupled with the victories and achievements in your first tenure,which is obviously visible to most Tarabans except your opposition who adamantly decide to remain blind to your successes.
I am not saying that your first tenure was without blooper or lapses, but the ‘scale of fair politics’ has rank your success above your lapses.

Your Excellency ,we plea that as you transport yourself and your ‘rescue team’ into the anticipated second term,we pray that you look back at your lapses in the first administration and make corrections where deem necessary ,as you move closer to perfection.

Your Excellency, I really want to appreciate your unprecedented effort,for been the first Governor of Taraba who carried the youth along,by giving us a sense of belonging. In appointing some well able youth to be part of your administration…I can evidently state that, even your deputy happens to be a youth.
Sir,on behalf of the youth,am pleading that you should maintain such impetus ,as we anticipate to see more youth taking up key positions in your present administration.

Your Excellency,without much ado ,I would like to pinpoint certain weighty areas that I will appeal that you add momentum and give vigorous consideration, as a matter of fact prioritize it in the second phase of your administration.
Permit me as I outline them in a count;

Sir,I really want to acknowledge your praiseworthy effort in regard to the educational sector,ranging from ‘rescue teachers’ to other vital educational policies.
But I appeal that more effort and strength should be added to this sector,most especially the primary schools and Tertiary institutions with Taraba State University at the apex.
This two salient bodies have been confronted with series of challenges and crises,ranging from poor funding,structures and salaries crisis.
Which has result(ed) to unnecessary strikes embarked by this bodies,thereby jeopardizing the future of this state and it youths. As it is often said,”the bedrock of every society is in it education”.

Sir,I appeal to you,to take necessary drastic measures to put an everlasting end to imperil bedeviling our educational system… As we anticipate a greater TSU ,free from the shackles of strike.

Your Excellency, I will like to bring to your knowledge, the present condition of the state library, which has been an abstract and has ceased to exist since 2007 or so,when it was brought down by windstorm.
Sir,I appeal to your kindness,for the reconstruction and equipping of the state library, which will go a long way in encouraging and propelling ‘reading culture’ among Tarabans.

Your Excellency, having in mind the applaudable effort you have put in this sector; ‘rescue teachers,series of youth empowerment scheme and fund disbursement all over the state.
Sir,just like ‘Oliver twist’,we are asking for more.

There are large number of unemployed youths parading the street,doing obviously nothing,which is figuratively the cause of the incessant terror bedeviling our state.
Sir,I appeal to you and your team to double effort in this regard,as I look forward to seeing more employment opportunities and Empowerment scheme across the state.

Your Excellency sir,Kurmi LGA is undoubtedly one of the most economical and commercial LGA we have in Taraba. We are yet to harness the full potentials embedded in that region

Sir,I know it is not fitting to ask you questions, please forgive me. Upon all the abundance in Kurmi LGA,it settlers still battle with lack. What do you think might be the root cause?
Your Excellency, the answer to the above question boils down figuratively to the lack of good and accessible road for investors to conveniently come in,to explore it God-given potentials for the benefit of Tarabans.

Your Excellency sir,your spirit will bear me witness of the devastating and dilapidated nature of that road, which I believe you have witnessed during your visits around that spheres and how it indigenes vomited out their grievances towards you ,due to the failed promise made by your administration in your first tenure in regard to the said road.

Your Excellency, if you truly desire to put Kurmi LGA in the path of greatness and curb poverty,then your second phase of administration should make ‘Kurmi LGA’ road a top priority and as a matter of urgency ,kick off the road contact without hesitation….

Your Excellency, if these appeals will be affirm by your able administration,your name will be written in gold ,especially by the TSU students and most especially by the Kurmites .
Your name will not be lost nor forgotten even after many years that you might have exit office…

Your Excellency, I beg to stop here,as I anticipate your good works and greater Taraba,likewise anticipate my second letter in appreciation.
I pray ,God gives you sufficient leadership skill,wisdom,zeal and steadfastness to move Taraba forward and likewise protect and guide you from your enemies and the enemies of the state…

The ball is still in your court,Your Excellency….

Your Humble Servant;

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