Not Contesting As President In 2019, What Could Be The Reason?

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Hello Nigerians,
I sincerely need you all to help solve my curiosity problem or let me put it like this, I need you all to help me answer this question that is currently ringing in my head.
Am currently watching the PDP National Convention on AIT and the 12 Presidential Aspirants all came on stage to talk about what they would do when they finally becomes the President of Nigeria.
NOTE:- PDP is having their Presidential Primary Election tonight (So you all should expect the Winner that will battle with Buhari come 2019).
The list includes Bukola SarakiIke EkweremaduDavid MarkAminu Tambuwal and 8 others.
They all made their speeches and it’s all cool (Normal promises they’ve been giving us since 1960 😭😭😭😭)
Then guess what?
Former President Goodluck Jonathan came on Stage to make a Speech and I sincerely fell in love with him, even those watching the TV beside all Screamed… I swear Nigerians still love this Man.
Am not supporting PDP nor APC oooo but I just want to ask you all these very simple questions 👇

Why Is Goodluck Jonathan Not Contesting Again?

Why Didn’t PDP Talk Him To Contest Again, This Man Has The Power To Beat Buhari Come 2019

The truth is that we have experienced both Goodluck Jonathan’s Government & Muhammed Buhari’s Government and we know who we all want come 2019. Abi you no know?
I sincerely think Goodluck Jonathan has an upper hand and can do better than any of these 12 people PDP is offering Nigerians.
What do you have to say about this?
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