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Rev. Nagombe


Rev. (Hon.) Nagombe Joseph Titus, the coordinator NGADA Special Development Area has taken the campaign tour for the reelection of Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku (DDI/MANU) and all PDP candidates to communities in NGADA during the polling unit to polling unit campaign directed by DDI as he canvases for their support and votes in the forthcoming general election.

The coordinator and his deputy, Hon. Ishaku Shamaki launched the campaign in Belle polling unit centre and went round the other communities with his entourage. The people at all the communities on hearing that the coordinator was coming with his entourage, were so excited and gave him a warm welcome with enthusiasm.

Nagombe centred his speech at each of the various communities on three important things viz: To see how his people were living and get in touch with their challenges, ask for their support and vote for the reelection of governor Darius Dickson Ishaku (Taa Ndola) and all other candidates of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in the February/March 2019 general election and to hear from the people where they need government support and provision of services for their welfare.

Reiterating his point on the reelection of governor Darius Dickson Ishaku and all candidates of the PDP, Nagombe maintained that the NGADA people were once hopeless and without benefiting anything from the government but as he was speaking government has stepped into the land and the people could testify that it was throughthe benevolent action of governor Darius, the architect of the Rescue Mission that NGADA came to be recognized and created as a development area. He added that this notable act of the governor has to be reciprocated especially by given him massive votes to bring him back to power in order for him to continue with his good works. He listed some benefits the area has gained just within period the development area was created and urged all the eligible voters to come out en mass during the election to cast their votes for the Governor and other candidates of the PDP.

In their responses, the people expressed their happiness to see the coordinator at their villages and confessed that, the coordinator was a true leader and maintained that there was none of his kind. According to them, no any acclaimed political office holders have ever visited them and seeing him was the best thing that ever happened to them. They praised his good works and wish him the best of his life. They also, intimated the coordinator with the challenges they were having, ranging from health, education and lack of some basic social services.

Finally, the coordinator promised at each of those various communities that he was going to build schools and health centres in other to ameliorate the pain of the people.


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