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Rev. (Hon.) Nagombe Joseph Titus, the coordinator NGADA Special Development Area, has held a meeting with the ward heads of NGADA at the Conference Hall of the Anna Darius NGADA Special Development Area Secretariat, Sunkuru. In the meeting, various issues that would have direct bearing on the the lives of the people of the area and bring about the development of the area and many more were discussed. The meeting has also agreed and fixed 12th December, 2018 as the day the ‘Kum NGADA’ HRH. Benjamin D. Mai-angwa shall triumphantly and officially be brought to sunkuru to fully assume his rulership.                       

Aso,  the coordinator announced that His Excellency, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku in liaison with the Nigeria police Force, Taraba state headquarters, has approved the creation of a police station in Sunkuru and the deployment of the men of the Nigeria police force to foster the security of the area.. He added that already Men of the Nigeria Civil Defence corps have been mobilized to the area and some of their men have already reported to the area for survey as they are about to assume full function in the area.

Nagombe also held a security meeting with the members of the Nigeria Vigilante Group ( Yan banga), where he discussed some security concern of the area with them and they both agreed on some areas they are to strengthen their security effort and improve on surveillance.

In the meeting, the coordinator introduced some officials of the Nigeria Farmers Protection Association. The officials each took turn as they introduced themselves to the meeting and explained the aims and purpose of the organization. They stated that they have some of their officials in all the local government areas in the state. Nagombe also inaugurated the Officials of the Nigeria Farmers Protection Association, NGADA Special Development Area branch and thereafter they took oath of office. The NGADA committee of the Nigeria Farmers Protection Association is to be headed by Albert Shewa and be deputized by Kefas Massah.  Issuing them with appointment letters, Nagombe charged them to be good ambassadors of the development area as they are expected to ensure that they properly discharge their duties and adhere to the rule of their engagement.

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