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News Update= Gov Ishaku bigings Tour in Southern Zone storms USSA LG

Taburman Kunya Da Hauka Ake Nadewa~Gov DDI 

In His Remarks Governor Ishaku asked for the people’s support during the upcoming elections so that the good work he has started can be concluded. He said he is already working on USSA road and will only complete it if he returns elected come March 2nd. He admonished the people to stand and defend their votes in the upcoming elections by making sure their votes are counting announced and declared right at the polling unit.

Darius said Taraba is for Tarabans and won’t be allowed to be occupied by any intruder. He said there will be a tarred road through Ussa down to Bisola and the peace they enjoy now will be consolidated

He urge the people to avoid what ever is going to bring about the break down of law and order during the elections saying the PDP is sure of victory and must do all it can to avoid falling into the plots of the enemies

We can not be leaders without your support and as the presidential election comes up on the 16th February 2019 we ask that you vote for PDP from top to down  and so also the Governorship in March 2nd ~ Governor Ishaku

It is left for you to agree and we complete our 8 years or we risk it to some one who will come on board and dismantle the good works we’ve done which creating chiefdoms including yours is one ~Gov Ishaku

We have started and we won’t relent and won’t allow anyone who carrys knives ,guns and sticks around to disrupt our peace in the name of Campaigns ~Gov Ishaku

I’m optimistic of my win but then i won’t allow innocent souls to suffer pains in the hands of any politician who’s aim is to put the state into crisis ~Gov Ishaku

Concerning your coming back I want to assure you that you are already back we just awaits time to confirm it ~HRH Ando Adi Madugu Chief of Ussa

We have enjoyed your administration overwhelmingly and today USSA is the most peaceful LG in the state and we won’t risk bringing anyone who will distablise it~ HRH Ando Adi Madugu

The entire votes of our people in USSA are for you and no one else because there is no reason to throw away honey for a routine soup ~ HRH Ando Adi Madugu

Nelson C Len
S.A New Media Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku

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