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“INEC Chairman in Press Conference at the International Conference centre Abuja” press release

"INEC Chairman in Press Conference at the International Conference centre Abuja" press release
Mahmood Yakubu

Abuja – The National INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu in a press conference told the press crews and Nigeria at large that they should not allow anyone to supply them with any smart card reader and also help them in the configuration of the card aside the selected INEC official.

The Chairman who also said, when individuals finds any device or gadget faulty, it should be returned to the CBN immediately before taking it back to the INEC Headquarters in Abuja.

The Chairman who also stress out that, “The ad hoc staffs are the only set of individuals responsible for the transfer and movement of any electoral materials to various locations as, I was the one that endorsed them into action”. He added that, the commissioner of Police has a background support in this while mobilizing the commission to Start work.

He also apologize for the decision INEC took last week Saturday which led to lots of blames on the commission, according to him it was just a step to ensure that the election is creditable, free and fair and assures Nigeria that it won’t happen again no matter what.

He also said that, The voting materials with updated dates will be resend to various locations either tonight or tomorrow being 20th February, 2019.

He ended the question and answer section with a speech saying, “The total numbers of registered voters, PVC collectors and total numbers of people with smart card readers including those who has not collected their PVC Will be published on the INEC official website.

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