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[Event] “The Importance Of Girl-Child Education” – Pioneer King Bebb Ubeh | eflex9ja.com

The Pioneer Mr. Taraba, King Bebb Usako Ubeh expresses his views on the importance of girl-child Education as today marks the girl-child day.


I am writing to your good self to express my views on the importance of girls child education. The nation is working concertedly to eliminate gender discrimination, inequality, injustice against women, etc. True women empowerment can only be achieved through girls’ education.
All social evils, discrimination, inequality, low literacy among girl children, female foeticide, etc. can only be stopped through girls’ education. Empowering girl child with education is the only panacea. An educated girl will have the power to make her dreams come true. Only an educated girl can earn her own living and free in true sense.
India is a fast developing country. The goal of complete advancement is not possible until each and every Indian becomes not only highly educated but also highly skilled. This task can only be accomplished with the girls’ education and contributions. So, empowering girl child with education is the best investment a nation can make!
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I appeal to the Government and the people to promote girls’ education to really empower them truly.


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