Event: “I have No Regret Celebrating My Birthday With Prisoners, Wasn’t A Mistake” – Miss Happiness Nwodili (Ambassador Eflexnaija)

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Birthdays and Holidays don’t exist. Because of what they are, who they involve, all of which you no longer have. Prison can be depressing all on its own. You will never want for a good dose of that I assure you. It’s NOT Christmas. It’s a Birthday Celebration.


Which is a day coveted by those in the federal system as that day is burgers and fries lunch. (It’s way better to get your food brought to you as opposed to going to the chow line. There’s a few different reasons why but it would be far easier to take my word for it.

You do all you can to forget what day it is. Which week, which month, and the pinnacle, what year it is. But it’s really a bad thing because it means you’ve done a whole lot of time, Like being plus one on a special day.

Ironically, the very worst part of your punishment isn’t realized until you go back to the outside of the fence. When you realize that for the past years, that you tried every trick in the book to make those days go faster, only to get out, and fully grasp what you TRULY lost.

It is a feeling unparalleled to anything bad that you could possibly know. (unless you get to go through life with the absolutely unparalleled pain of knowing your hero is gone. Won’t be coming back, and you will never forget sitting on the floor outside of the operating room for 4 hours, that they tried to save them, listening to how painful it was for them to live in that prison for so long. Even worst, knowing it was your fault. Sorry about the tangent.

I watched sports on TV, always looking away when they showed the cheerleaders. And read books. When I walked out, it dawned on me that I haven’t shared or shown love to the less previleged. Thats the more reason why i choose to celebrate my Birthday in the Prison Yard with the prisoners to encourage and support them with the little i can.

And that was only the beginning… Thank God it was a success!


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