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Comr. Neolyn

In  a WhatsApp chat with one of the vibrant and advocates of the students of Taraba State University Jalingo, Mr. Neolyn who dropped his personal advice to all the students of the institution telling them to adhere to whatsoever the school management tell’s them to do, as the strike will be resolved shortly.


Review Below;

Following the declaration of indefinite strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities with effect from 4th October, 2018 due to lack of poor funding of universities in Nigeria, there is need to re-evaluate some of the depressing effects strike actions has in the Nigerian students even though the strike is on the favour of students.
Students across various institutions of higher learning in Nigeria are constantly faced with industrial action, either by the Academic or Non-Academic Staff Union of various institutions.
Most of these strike actions are caused by disagreement between the government and the unions of various institutions, arising from non-implementation or partial implementation of former agreements reached.
The disagreement or lack of understanding between government and academic community often result in deadlock that usually disrupts academic calendar.
As the saying goes, when two elephants fights, it is the grass that suffers it. The grass, in this case is the students who bear the brunt of the disagreement.
Incessant strikes dwindle the academic performances of students. As learning is suspended for a long period, the students reading abilities fall. Even the knowledge acquired during the learning period is even forgotten by some students. This mostly turns some students into certificate seekers than knowledge seekers.
In Taraba state University Jalingo, most students don’t know what GST is all about, they don’t attain the lecture not for anything but because the hall cannot contained the students, will such student think of heat or the odour that will be booming in the small halls we have? That is why most TSU students only know GST pass question paper, some students faint in Dr. Nsofor’s class due to overcrowding. So🤷🏽‍♂!! You can concur with me that this strike is basically in favor of students even though it has the negative effect as well.
Quiet sure  most protracted strikes distort the school calendar. The after-effect is prolonged school year that exceeds stipulated periods. Most academic activities for the school year are distorted. This is one major cause of producing unqualified graduates who are deficient in their fields of study. In the same vein, students who are supposed to do a four year course end up spending six years in the school for a simple programme.
My advice to students out there is that we shouldn’t seat and fold our hands waiting for our lecturers to resume from strike and lecture us, NO,  try and make sure you read what they thought you before the strike. Go extra miles to know about your course contents.
Because by the time they strike is called off,   school management will rush us so that they can meet up with the calendar and that will result to massive fails.
Therefore, read your handouts, read on Google, buy books in your field of study and read it, that will help u be ahead of your lecturer.
Thank you.

 Comr. Neolyn
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