Clergyman, Leke Adeboye, warns about the consequences of going after a man just because he’s tall, dark and handsome without seeking God’s counsel

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Before marriage I was obsessed with tall, dark, handsome men but after I fervently prayed for God’s will in choosing a husband; God brought me a short, dark, and handsome guy. I resisted him so much at first, but didn’t have the courage to let him know that it was because of his height. I gave all sorts of excuses, but deep in my heart I knew he was the one. It’s something I cannot explain but I knew it. Today we have been married for 14 years with beautiful kids, and choosing him was the best decision of my life. What is even funny is that some women who are married to seemingly perfect looking men have told me how blessed and lucky I am, some come for happy marriage tips. lol. God really is all wise, and if you are humble and seek His will, you might not always get what looks good in human terms but you can be sure that everything will fall into place for you and you truly will be happy. So my advice to anyone planning to get married, is to first and foremost seek the will of God. Marriage is no joke, a bad marriage can completely ruin you destiny. Let God help you, be humble.

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