“Breastfeeding was not a beautiful experience for me” Lala Akindoju opens up about struggle that led to her child feeding on formula

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Actress Lala Akindoju has disclosed that she struggled so much with producing breast milk for her newborn son that she started giving him formula 24 hours after his birth.


She narrated how she did everything possible and ate all that was recommended in order to produce enough milk for her baby,  but nothing was working.



She said she cried and felt guilty that her baby must be lacking the necessary nutrient if he’s fed formula.


The movie producer added that relatives encouraging her to breastfeed and shun formula didn’t help matters.


With time, she accepted that she couldn’t produce enough milk and she settled on formula for her baby.


She encouraged nursing mothers experiencing the same thing not to beat themselves up, as long as their babies are well-fed and happy.



Media personality, Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi commented, explaining that she had a similar experience. 




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