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[Politics] “PDP-TARABA After the Gubernatorial Primaries, Comes the NASS” Comr. Munu Mairiga

[Politics] "PDP-TARABA After the Gubernatorial Primaries, Comes the NASS" Comr. Munu Mairiga

JALINGO: The captain of the operation  Rescue Taraba. His excellency arc. Darius Ishaku, has on 30th  Sept, 2018 emerged the winner of PDP Taraba Gubernatorial primary election.
The confidence was renewed by the executives/delegates of the People Democratic Party. This also includes major stakeholders of the party and serving elective positions, NASS and HOA members who also form major delegates.

[PDP-TARABA] After the Gubernatorial Primaries, Comes the NASS
It was indeed, the unanimity of the concern party’s and political stewards that marked the historic primary where gov Darius is confirmed the party’s flag bearer for the second term in the forth coming general election. The joy of this is it was a peaceful election. It was indeed a clear show of confidence on DDI to steer the ship again.
PDP is a unique party in our political history. Its a party that never allows individual interest to override it principles, norm and value. Taraba is an exampleary state in maintaining the cardinal order of the party to keep it alive.
In the order of the PDP primary elections as contain in our party’s bulletin. Its stated that, after the governors elections next is the NASS (Senate/Reps). With all enthusiasm and loyalty to our great party, the executives and major stakeholders in the zones and Federal constituency where NASS election will hold, I want to categorically state this and charge us to maintain the status quo as done in the governorship primary to keep our party and prioritize the general interests of our people. I mean people from the grassroots, where the votes and mandate is coming from.
I want to dwell so much on the zone/federal constituency where the governor is coming from, which is the south, and as well extend great concern to the central zone where we faced tough challenge in the 2015 even as we are looking forward to recapturing the central zone for PDP with a vibrant candidate and a one time colossal achiever with an unfading records.
The 2015 journey to Taraba south popularly known as the “Power Shift to South Project”, was the toughest political move in the history of Taraba that seems to be impossible, but was achieved in a landslide via unity, understanding and equal share where the southern political bourgeois teamed up holding each other’s hands in a cycle and forming alliance with other tycoon from other zones who supported the struggle.
Although it was not an easy war, and we will never wish to witness the part two of the 2015 season in 2019. Therefore, we must be very analytical and observant. That the win-win arrangement be maintain. One of the standing formula that unite the southern roof and mended the rift that keep the zone in disarray from the 90s and couldn’t achieve her aim and finally made it in 2015 making the state power to rest in the south via the unification of interests, having arc. Darius from Takum, senator Bwacha from Donga and Hon. Rima Shawulu from Ussa whose interest equally covered Yangtu. While Wukari/Ibi key into the line with keen agreement to take everybody along.
Throwing attention to the central zone, where senator is not from PDP the working ability and roles of Hon. D.C Hosea who covered the interest of Kurmi having overwelming support of Gashaka and Sardauna as a federal constituency, is also a recommendable leader the party should have to continue in 2019 so that when paired with another senatorial candidate the central zone will be fully captured.
I want to again state that the aforementioned NASS members have in their services been resourceful to the state rescue mission, through there interventions in state own functionaries, bridging infrastructural gaps and lots more that ease some burden to the state government. Most of their agilities in the chambers have affected us security wise especially in time of our distress.
The Hon. Rima Shawulu, D.C Hosea and sen. Bwacha i am consistently talking about is base on their undaunted capacity and immense contribution to the party in the sphere of Taraba while in the national.

I believe we are not strangers to the wars in the national assembly, that PDP are taking over the two chambers by the day. With knowledge, The aforementioned NASS members have in their own end materially, selflessly and morally supported the party to wax stronger and today we are clamouring to have national power back to it initial state.

To this end, the governor DDI primary that turn out fruitful for continuity, we are also looking forward that the NASS primary maintain the continuity gospel. We believe on the good working relationship of the governor with his NASS members in PDP and as the chief security and the number one stakeholder in the state his considerable policies in the NASS primary will favor the sitting members base of the continuity calculations at hand.

The governor’s decision is paramount and his capacity to prove a point will speak a great volume looking at the wining formular that will aide our victory softly in 2019. All eyes and attention will be on our amiable governor for his roles on the outcome of the NASS primaries.

Article by: 
Comr. Munu Mairiga

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