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Firstly, i want to congratulate the winners of the senatorial primary election of PDP in Taraba. Sen (Dr) Emmanuel Bwacha Taraba South, Senator Dahiru Bako Taraba Central and Senator Shuaibu Lau Taraba North. This is term as the  renewal of confidence as done for the Governor,  arc. DDI.

After a successful  Senate Primaries with peaceful result accepted by all. We salute the outcome of the exercise.
Analyzing the result of the southern senate poll, its interesting because that is where the State federation is, also the target point and we can’t take the risk of breaking the ring or circle.

Honorable Rima Shawulu who control Ussa and Yangtu delivered 99 votes out of 103 and 44 votes leaving no one out from Yangtu casted for senator Bwacha. Rima whose tentacles spread also to Takum was able to control good number of votes in the 128 votes casted for Bwacha.
While in Donga, the home country of the senator, Bwacha delivered for himself all the 121 delegates leaving no single vote out.

Wukari where there are 4 senate candidates, Bwacha was able to secure 54 out of the 119 votes and he buldozed Ibi with 93 out of 94.

Now, taking the Donga, Ussa, Yangtu and the Takum Federation analysis for the House of Reps election. We should by now know that Rima Shawulu is wining the primary balloting. Consider thus: Ussa and Yangtu Delegates in his polling box and he will still have good votes from Takum. In Donga, with Bwacha been the master planner of the share win-win formular, he will give his bulky votes to Rima too. That is the philosophy of the game. The reason is simple, “The rescue mission to continue with crack”.

Rima knows the way and is upright in legislative activism, he have utilize his people’s mandate and performed greatly in just 3years.
The DDI,EEB,RSK three men strikers in south be maintain in the 2019 line-up. While mid-fielders, defenders and goalkeeper will also be maintain from other zones.

In the central zone, the bricks of the foundation for PDP to recapture the zone is already laid as Senator Dahiru Bako Gassol will steer the ship. All we wanted is a vibrant candidate that will be pair with Hon. D.C Hosea who is enjoying a great support from the people of Kurmi, Sardauna and Gashaka.
With the victory of Sen. Bako, it is crystal clear that Hon. Hosea is also awaiting victory for the smooth sailing of the boat to keep PDP flag flying in the central.

Wishing Hon. DCH and Hon. RSK success and a warm congratulations in advance.


Munu Mairiga

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