7 Notable Exercises from Money Heist

7 Notable Exercises from Money Heist
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7 Notable Exercises from Money Heist

7 Notable Exercises from Money Heist

MONEY HEIST: I don’t have a clue whether you feel the program is misjudged or exaggerated, perhaps you’ve not watched it, however you’ll learn things that would be difficult to overlook.

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  1. Regardless of how close your arrangements are, YOU WILL Commit Errors. Try not to let “them” delude you. Professor was so brilliant; however he made mistakes as well. But if you don’t plan well you’ll be deceived.
  2. Except if you are in a “passionate business”, don’t blend business in with feelings. Men will consistently reveal to you their full family issue; it’s extraordinary to help yet business will be business. Good cause is noble cause! Leave emotional brouhaha in business. Denver was nearly executed for this.
  3. What’s your drive FROM MONEY HEIST? You can enter business for money, what else do you need? DRIVE! Let there be something driving you, let there be an explanation. Teacher wasn’t propelled by cash, you acquire the cash, yet something should continue spurring you. Professor’s inspiration was his Father’s legacy.
  4. Interface… With the individuals who have a comparable mentality as you. Professor was a master connector.
  5. Try not to be a “TOKYO”. That young lady can be so DISTRACTED! I (like majority of people) am distracted. In any case, I continue letting myself know, “don’t be a Tokyo”. If you’ve watched money heist, you’ll comprehend why you shouldn’t be a “TOKYO”.
  6. Try not to force yourself. Square pegs don’t fit in round holes. Oslo is a “conceived soldier” professor isn’t a killer. You can motivate yourself , however any business that you are forcing yourself to do, check it. That leads me to the last opposite thing you need to learn.
  7. Bella Ciao! Figure out how to say GOODBYE,

Goodbye to that business
Goodbye to that business partner
Goodbye to that emotional brouhaha
If they do not want to accept your resignation (goodbye)
Run before they spoil your business
Know when to leave.

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