No 21: Dhinda Luka Bulus Madaki ‘BOC Madaki’ – Top 30 Naija Most Successful Artistes in the year 2019

The 2019 Naija Top 30 Artistes measures and ranks Nigeria’s prominent recording artistes by blending data from AC’s most influential charts, with album and track sales (both digital and physical), radio airplay, streaming, downloads from top African (Nigerian) entertainment sites, social media fan interaction, as well as YouTube and Eflex9jablog’s views.

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In short Top 30 Naija Artistes provides a weekly multi-dimensional ranking of Nigerian recording artiste by popularity.

Born Dhinda Luka Bulus Madaki to the family of Mr & Mrs Bulus, hails from Bogoro Local Government in Bauchi state, North East, Nigeria. His tribe is Zhar, a minority ethnic group in Bauchi state popularly known as ‘Sayawa’, the first child and the only son of his parent(No wonder he refer to his son as a child without a first Uncle in one of his songs). Hausa rapper B.O.C Madaki currently have two sisters ELIZABETH & BRIDGET left after death took away Mary and Martha. BOC had a son with a lady named Patience, he gave a sincere account of the incident that led to the birth of his son Leo who i consider as the brother he never had in his song LEGACY, a classic English rap that is a sort of mini documentary of the life and struggles of this brave Hausa hip hop King.
Is Hausa Rapper BOC Madaki A Christian Or Muslim? BOC Madaki is a christian. Educational Background Of BOC Madaki
Between 1990 and 1991, Hausa rapper BOC Madaki was at Sunshine Learning Centre New GRA in Bauchi for his kindergarten. His nursery and part of primary education was at Jibril Aminu nursery and primary school located at New GRA, behind Zaranda Hotel in Bauchi from 1991 to 1996. After which he moved to Yelwa practicing school where he did primary 3 to 6 between 1996 and 1999. His secondary education was obtained at Government Day Secondary School Shadawanka Army Barracks, Bauchi and Government Day Secondary School Bayara, Bauchi where he was supposed to graduate in 2005 but graduated in 2006 due to financial constraint.
In 2007 he enrolled for National Diploma at the Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic Bauchi to study agricultural technology, a journey he left half way. He however returned to same institution and re-enrolled to study estate management between 2012 and 2013 and successfully graduated with a first class National Diploma certificate of Environment Studies in Estate Management.
How & Where Did Music Start For Hausa Rapper BOC Madaki?
Like many other musicians, BOC Madaki cut his first tooth as a musician in the church. The name then was Diamond D. Greatly influenced by a friend Slash D, he teamed up with him and his younger brother Chesque to form a gospel band then known as CHRIST VICTORIOUS. They performed in church concerts in Yelwa, Bauchi state though they couldn’t record a single song together due to circumstances that were beyond control. The group CHRIST VICTORIOUS stopped existing and later in 2005, BOC and Slash D met again to start a secular hip hop group DREAMS HOOD aka D Hood. The duo recorded and performed couple of songs until 2007 when he finally parted ways with Slash D. Now The Birth Of An Hausa Rapper BOC Madaki. The story changed when he adapted the name B.O.C, an acronym that means different things to his fans. Below are the meanings of B.O.C in order of preference according to the bilingual rapper…Hausao . Beyond Ordinary Critics, Black Ordained Champ, Black Out Cartoon, Bulus’ Own Child or Barde Ogan Chasu. The latter is A Hausa term that translates in English as “Brave Entertainment Leader”
He once signed a management deal with a management company Toss A Coin which ended in 2015. Toss A Coin aided the video shoot of his single “One Of A Kind” which featured Black Blinx and C Man. Both were also signed alongside BOC to Toss A Coin management deal. Since 2013 till date, the most revered Hausa Rapper BOC Madaki has been expanding his fan base steadily. Influence & Competition His major influence comes from his environment as he has the ability to connect to what ever environment and situation he finds himself and create concrete punchlines and good rhymes out of his wide imagination. He is a very conscious rapper, his music is positive and to a large extent inspirational. His music is also a good influence on the youth of Northern Nigeria. He has an edge over his contemporaries DJ Abba, ClassiQ, Kheengz, Deezel and even Morell. Progress So Far BOC Madaki has over a hundred songs to his credit and has featured on close to six hundred songs. His 2015 released mixtape No English is such a huge success. it has received positive reviews from different corners. He followed it up with another mixtape titled Sorry Please Thanks on his birthday 22nd September 2016 and that equally is lit.

Download MP3: EmzzyDnty Ft. Freezlinks & BOC Madaki – Maye

Download MP3: Maye - EmzzyDnty Feat. BOC Madaki x Freezlinks



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