Cons: “Too much pageantry in the states” – Miss. Happiness Emprez Cehap

Too much pageantry in the states.

What is pageantry?? It’s a colorful display and show.
Needs for pageantry.
a) it promotes cultures and traditions
b) it brings recognitions and fame
c) it improves communication
d) it promotes community service
e) it eases reaching to humanity ETC
I want to talk more on effect of too much pageantry in Taraba state and few solution to it.

Effects of too much pageantry
A) it devalues the pride of the crown
B) it creates unnecessary events and show around the state
C) the crown wearers are no longer value and respected as it ought to be.

How to reduce the rate of pageantry in the state.
1)TSEI should set a committee that will be supervising every crown wearer
2) before any organization should organise pageantry, they should register under the committee set by TSEI.
3) any organization that their queens/kings didn’t meet up with the terms and conditions of TSEI shouldn’t be allowed to crown another set of queens and kings.
4)the approved pageantry organization should also reduce the number of crowns they give out.

Since the major aim of pageantry is to reach humanities, why not channel the energy and resources to
I) creating charity foundations
II) organizing seminars once in a while to enlighten the youths
III) create a platform where cultures and traditions can be display.
IV) create an outreach organizations.

Article Credit: Emprez Cehap

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